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On Stage- Harvelles
Performing live
Photo by Miss Stiletto
Lingerie photo shoot
Live show in Portland
Photo by TamiDesign
Pin up shoot
Halloween shoot for Pin up Magazine
Performing on stage
Performing "Mannequin" with my dancers
NYC photoshoot
Burlesque ballet shot
Photo by Trench Art
On stage at Roseland Theater
Photo by Tami Design
Magazine Photoshoot
Magazine photo shoot
Relaxing in the sun
Showgirl shot by Skalicky photo
Photo by Trench Art
Spanish girl
Magazine shot
Music Video shoot
Performing at RAW Artists
pin up shoot
Live performance in NoHo
On stage in Hollywood
Me & my dancers performing at Gay Pride
rehearsing with my dancers
music video shoot
magazine photo shoot
Music video shoot
Art Institute photo shoot
Pin up photo shoot
Performing at Ohm Nightclub
getting ready to perform in Canada
On stage at Monday Night Tease
Photo by Trench Art
Pin up shoot for Pin up magazine
Photo by Trench Art Prod.
Photo by Tammi Designs
Pin up cartoon of me
Pin up shoot
Halloween pin up shoot
Forbidden Fruit
flyer shot
Christmas Burlesque show at Three Clubs
Pin up magazine photo shoot
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