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Yasmine Vine was born in Tehran-Iran and moved to America at age 3 where she became influenced by American pop culture at a young age. Unfortunately, when she was 10, she had to return to Iran as her family had to move back. “It was as if everything went from color to black & white" Yasmine remembered thinking. Now back in the Islamic Republic of Iran she had to wear a veil and all the things she loved like dancing and singing were illegal for women in Iran. Luckily, she found an underground dance school that was ran by a former ballerina from the Shah era and she quickly excelled in dance. "The classes were taught in an underground basement as all forms of dance and self-expression are illegal and punishable by law in Iran". By the age 11 Yasmine discovered she had a talent for songwriting as songs came to her in dreams in form of lyrics and melodies "I would wake up in the middle of the night and scribble the lyrics on paper, now I can record them half-awake of my smartphone before drifting off again”. After high school Yasmines dream of returning to America came true and she moved to Los Angeles by herself from Iran where she got a degree in Dance and attended Musicians Institute. She mastered songwriting very quickly and was able to turn all the "scribbles" into real music. "Making music is very gratifying, very magical as you bring music to life directly from your imagination". Having been raised in an Islamic environment meant that Yasmine had to remove layers of inhibition inorder to express herself freely and fiercely on stage as a singer and she found the remedy in the art of Burlesque! "I fell in love with the freedom of Burlesque and I thought if I could do Burlesque, I could do anything".  After a year of training, Yasmine hit the stage as a Hollywood Burlesque dancer where she had succeeded beautifully as a performer. She began performing Burlesque to her own songs and people would request her music. Burlesque allowed her to have a stage where she could learn performance on, share her music and it also lead to several acting roles and an exciting pin up modeling career. After a few years of Burlesque, and meeting her objective Yasmine returned to her true love and passion of music artistry and songwriting.

Yasmine now creates music and performs regularly in nightclubs and venues in Hollywood and around the world. Last year she performed at Gay Pride in Vancouver and before the pandemic she was a regular headliner at many popular venues in Hollywood. Her newest song “Social Distance” is receiving much support and success. Yasmine Vine lives in Hollywood with her black cat Mr Moush.

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